Jack Harlow Drops Jackman

Jack Harlow Drops Jackman

Jack Harlow latest album, Jackman, has arrived, and it’s got us all feeling some type of way. With just 10 songs and a runtime of 24 minutes, Harlow knows his limits and plays to his strengths. The album starts with “Common Ground” a lively opener that sees Harlow taking on society’s various sects.

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The confidence that Harlow exudes is on full display in “They Don’t Love It” and “Ambitious”. The latter track even dares to compare Harlow to Eminem. Whether or not you agree with that claim is up for debate. There’s no denying that Harlow has rediscovered his cheek and is just stirring the pot. We get a glimpse of the human behind the superhero facade. “Is That Ight?” shows a vulnerable side of Harlow. Exploring self-doubt in a mature and assured way.

“Gang Gang Gang” tackles difficult subject matter with mixed results. It’s clear that Harlow is a capable lyricist who’s not afraid to take risks. The standout track on the album is “Denver”. Harlow’s indifferently delivered lyrics mesh perfectly with the stripped-back production. Unfortunately, not every track on Jackman hits the mark. “No Enhancers” feels repetitive and heavy-handed, embodying many of the faults of Harlow’s previous album. Also, “Blame On Me” resurrects things slightly as well.

Even though the album’s closer “Questions” falls short of being a contemplative closing tune. It still raises some interesting points about the way men respond to accusations of sexual impropriety. Overall, “Jackman” is a massive step up from “Come Home The Kids Miss You”. While there’s room for improvement. There’s no denying that Harlow is a rising star in the rap world. So if your fan of Jack Harlow this might interest you, if not stay tuned for more updates on upcoming music. Jack Harlow should take a break after releasing this album and watch how fans react to this new album.

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