Apollo Liberace Drops New LP

Apollo Liberace Drops New LP

Apollo Liberace self-titled LP is a breath of fresh air in the current rap scene. The album takes us on a journey through the ups and downs of Apollo’s music career. Also, provides insightful commentary on the issues facing the black community today.

“Love For Rap” via Youtube.

About Apollo Liberace LP

In “Love For Rap”, Apollo Liberace delves into the harsh realities of the music industry. Following the ways in which young artists have limited control and face manipulation by record labels. This track showcases his raw talent for blending social commentary with melodic beats. Subsequentially, setting Apollo apart from the clout-chasing rappers dominating the charts today.

Throughout the album, he tackles heavy themes such as drug abuse, gun violence, and systemic racism. All while maintaining a flow that would make even the most seasoned freestyle artists nod in approval. Most fans may enjoy his ability to deliver music that speaks to both the culture and the progressive thinkers. Also, his lyrics are thought-provoking and socially conscious and still catchy and enjoyable.

While Apollo’s eccentric style may not be what you’d expect from a typical rapper. It only adds to the charm of his music. He’s not afraid to break from the mold and deliver something truly unique. Some might find that’s what makes this album so refreshing. Overall, Apollo Liberace’s self-titled LP is a must-listen for anyone looking for a new voice in the rap scene. However, for those still skeptical feel free to check out more upcoming music updates and releases. Apollo Liberace is in a lane of his own and true to his craft. Apollo is sure to make waves in the industry and cement himself as one of the greats.

Check out his youtube visuals for “Love for Rap” and “Love From You” above. His style of delivery is similar to JID and others so if you are familiar check it out.

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