My Music & Me Series: Eli Manna

Eli Manna

My Music & Me Series: Eli Manna

Photo courtesy of Eli Manna

Plenty of artists are making their way to the their pinnacle of success by sharing all that they have to offer with listeners across the world. As they truly hone in on their crafts, they allow room for their music to cater to an array of people through distinct sounds—healing the world in more ways than one. The My Music & Me Series is here to encourage artists from all over to continue going through their journeys of being a music maker, while also putting up and coming artists on the map. Today, we had the opportunity of speaking with artist Eli Manna, who puts us on to all things music, inspiration, and goals! See the interview below!

Hi Eli! So nice to finally get the chance to speak with you! I hope all is well. Since becoming an artist, what has been your best accomplishment?

I would say my biggest accomplishment is becoming the first artist in history to record a 10 genre album. When I was little I always wanted to do something no man has done before, music or not. To be able to accomplish that is special.

What are some short terms goals for your music career, let’s say within the next three years?

One goal is definitely to sign to a label by December. Currently, my manager is doing an amazing job getting me prepared and shopping me around. Another short term goal of mine is to reach 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify which I believe is very possible to do by next year.
Are there any ways in which the impact of COVID-19 or the pandemic shifted your career?

Honestly it hasn’t really affected it at all. I’ve been blessed to continue to be able to record and release music still. In fact, I could even say it’s a little more beneficial due to people being home more and streaming more music.

Who are 5 influential artists that you can honestly say inspired you?

Oh that’s easy! Michael Jackson, Lauren Hill, J Cole, Kirk Franklin and Stevie Wonder.
Let’s talk a bit more about The God Complex. So many different tracks that fall under so many different genres, what made you want to take multiple routes?
I wanted to see how far I could push myself musically. Initially I knew it would be a-lot of work and a challenge, but I was so excited to put my all towards it.

What was the most rewarding part on the journey to completing The God Complex?
The most rewarding part was the release by far! Behind the release was months of promotion and anticipation so to see it be released and gain 58,000 in the first week was awesome!

Are there any artists you’d love to collaborate with in the near future?

First artist that definitely comes to mind is Lady London, she’s an amazing rapper and seem like a-lot of fun to be around.

What can listeners expect next, any upcoming events? Virtual events? Any Performances?
They should definitely expect a music video from me soon. I won’t say for which song or when exactly, just know it’s coming!

The My Music & Me Series is proud to have featured so many talented musical acts back to back. You read it here first! Be sure to stay in tune with all things Eli Manna via Instagram, Facebook, Apple Music, and Spotify! We look forward to seeing his career progress even further.

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