Sam MacPherson’s Debut EP ‘Songs For Sam’ Out Now

Sam MacPherson’s Debut EP ‘Songs For Sam’ Out Now

Photo By Maxwell Goldberg

When it comes to Sam MacPherson, his musical ballads will make you want to blast them out of your car radio. Twenty-four-year-old singer/songwriter Sam MacPherson is well on his way to fame. MacPherson grew up in a small town, Red Bank, New Jersey. Recently the musician released his debut EP, Songs for Sam. The title gives us a sneak peek at MacPherson’s whole purpose in writing them. 

Songs for Sam

The singer/songwriter’s debut EP consists of 5 tracks. The first track on the EP is “Routine.” “Routine,” released earlier this year is the single off the EP. In an interview with The Lowdown, when asked if there was a story behind the lyrics MacPherson said, 

“I think when the assumption is that love is going to be there tomorrow when you wake up, you might feel less inclined to really take a moment to appreciate it today. The song tells a story that tries and hopefully succeeds in mirroring that dangerous type of comfortability.”

MacPherson is a true lyricist and shows his listeners throughout every song on his EP. These tracks are letters to a younger Sam who was trying to figure it all out. From falling in love to moving away from home, these songs are a way to reminisce. The remaining tracks on the EP are “Start,” “Last Minute,” “Counts,” and “Perfect Conditions.” 

A Multitalented Musician

MacPherson’s style of music is very versatile. You can hear it in the passionate chords he plays on the piano and the tranquil sounds from his guitar. Along with that, his vocals make you feel like you can come up for a breath of fresh air. In an Instagram post by MacPherson he says, 

“I’m always going to write music because I need to, because I’d know a lot less and wonder a lot more. But I didn’t write these songs for me, I wrote these Songs for Sam.”

Sam MacPherson is just getting started and his vulnerable and captivating music will catch the attention of many.

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