Lany Releases 5 New Songs On ‘gg bb xx Deluxe’

Lany Releases 5 New Songs On ‘gg bb xx Deluxe’

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LANY is a band with lead vocalist, Paul Jason Klein, guitarist Les Priest, and drummer Jake Goss. The three went to college together to study music and are multi-instrumentalists. LANY has released their gg bb xx (deluxe) album, and the additional tracks are golden. Released on September 3, the original album consists of 12 tracks. With the deluxe, we get an additional 5 new songs and two others that were previously released. The new tracks are titled “i die first,” “remember that,” “i didn’t lie,” “they don’t make ’em like you anymore,” and “the older you get, the less you cry.”  

Track 13: “i die first”

In the first new track on the deluxe album “i die first,” Klein sings about living life with the one you most adore. When the chorus rolls around, he sings,

 "I guess no matter how far, it don't ever add up to a life without you/ I don't wanna know, baby, don't go make sure I die first."

It is no surprise the first track on the deluxe album is a love song as that is a common theme throughout LANY’s previous music.  

Track 14: “remember that”

Track 14 on the deluxe album “remember that,” is about reminding someone that even though things may get rough sometimes, there is more good than bad. Klein sings about knowing someone, sometimes even better than they know themselves. The chorus says,

"anyone, anywhere, would kill for what we have/ So when things get bad, remember/ The way I know all the words before they leave your mouth." During the magnificent outro, you hear Klein and the band sing "Don't you dare give up on me (remember that)."  

Track 15: “i didn’t lie”

Next, on track 15 titled “i didn’t lie,” LANY shy’s away from their usual theme of love songs. Is this a breakup song? “i didn’t lie” is a song about leaving someone because it is the best for the both of you. The title is “i didn’t lie” because Klein sings about how he did not lie about loving someone or caring about them, he just changed his mind. Klein sings,

 "I swear I meant every word that I said to you/ I didn't lie, I didn't lie, I just changed my mind."  

Track 16: “they don’t make ’em like you anymore”

After a breakup song like “i didn’t lie”, LANY brings us “they don’t make ’em like you anymore.” During this track, Klein sings about a rare find and how hard it is to find someone so perfect He sings,

"You smile in pictures and work a 9 to 5/ And buy me dinner every time I come home/ Yeah, you're onto the door/ Never had this before/ They don't make 'em like you anymore, no."  

Track 17: “the older you get, the less you cry”

The last new track on gg bb xx (deluxe) is “the older you get, the less you cry.” “The older you get, the less you cry” talks about growing up and how emotions change. In this final new track and possibly my favorite, Klein sings,

 "I wish I could love like I used to love/I wish I could love like when I was young/It's gettin' easier to say goodbye/The older you get, the less you cry/I wish I didn't give all of me away/I'd take back the things that I wish I didn't say/It's gettin' harder as the days go by/The older you get, the less you cry." 

Something we can all relate to is change, and that is the message here. The older you get the more things may change, and although it is inevitable, we choose how we react and grow. 

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