My Music & Me Series: Odreii

Odreii in 2021

My Music & Me Series: Odreii

Photo courtesy of Odreii. By: Ana Jovmir

Plenty of artists are making their way to the their pinnacle of success by sharing all that they have to offer with listeners across the world. As they truly hone in on their crafts, they allow room for their music to cater to an array of people through distinct sounds—healing the world in more ways than one. The My Music & Me Series is here to encourage artists from all over to continue going through their journeys of being a music maker, while also putting up and coming artists on the map. Today, we got the chance to catch up with Odreii a couple hours before her live performance at SOB in New York City! She’s certainly making her mark in the world of music, and during our interview, we get to learn so much more about her. See the interview below as she tells us all about her career!

Hi Odreii, how are you, hope all is well. We got the chance to check you out and we’re so excited to chat more with you about your life as an artist! So, you’re Canadian and Jamaican. Would you say your background has a significant impact on your artistic attributes?

Oh yeah! Definitely. I really like to play with my Jamaican accent in my songwriting…It affects rhyme schemes and flow and just how I’m express myself.

At what age did you realize singing was the path for you?

I actually didn’t realize ever! I didn’t know a hundred percent that I could do something with it, live off of it, or make a career. It wasn’t my goal at first, but after the last few years…in about 2017 I started a project and found something interesting there. Everyone likes to express themselves but I love entertaining.

We got the chance to listen to a couple of your tracks including “Runs in Mi Blood,” what would you say is your source of inspiration for the lyrics in this song?

Hmm…That song is really special. I wrote it four years before releasing it. It was based on my memory from a trip to Cuba when I was younger…I was 15, got to live with a Cuban family…I really loved the magic, I loved the island…the taste of rum, the beach…Things we did weren’t normal. I just loved the island and that’s where the lyrics come from—Me describing how beautiful the imagery is.

So, you’ve officially been credited as winner of Rolling Stone’s Battle of the Bands, congrats! How does that make you feel? Are you still on a high from that accomplishment?

Thank you! When I think about it, yes! But I still can’t believe it actually happened. I didn’t expect it to happen, because I knew I was battling a band and I’m like…it’s just gonna be me and my guitar. It just happened that people really liked the song. I’m still on a high from the host saying the songwriting was amazing. That’s something that means a lot to me as part of my art.

Besides that, what has been another rewarding part of your journey thus far as a singer?

There’s quite a few. If we rewind a few years back, I won the music scholarship when i was living in London. I won first place. That for me was like woah okay! Later on meeting my team. This was a big milestone for me because it was the right ppl, so I’m still on a high with that.

Let’s talk Sweatin’ Gold! This is your newest album, released on October 29th. There are an array of elements that you use in your tracks in addition to a distinct creative sound with the instruments, on the journey to completing this masterpiece, what was your favorite track that you’ve created on it?

Oh! That’s really hard. It’s so hard to choose because it was all vibe! Each song had a vibe and a moment. I like them all! The first that comes to mind in terms of anecdote was “Adios Bye Bye.” We were all very excited about this one…From chords to text, beat, melodies…On top of a Reggaeton track…out of that excitement came the song! That’s the feeling.

Let’s get into your performances and future appearances! So you’re scheduled to perform at SOB’s in New York City tonight actually, November 1st. This is also your first performance ever in New York City! What is going through your head now in terms of preparation? This is a big deal!

Yeah! Well, firstly what’s going through my head is what I should wear, because I brought two outfits! This is really amazing, I’m in one of my favorite cities ever. It’s definitely not gonna be the last time, and I’m coming back for sure. SOB is legendary…It’s a dream come true and I can’t wait to meet other artists from here! I just can’t wait to link up with others.

What’s next on the line-up for you? Will you be performing again in New York this month or any other states?

I won’t be performing this month after this, because I’m going back to Montreal to prepare for a video clip. We’re gonna be working on a few visuals and I’m gonna rehearse with a band that I generally play with—A girl band, which is fire!

It was so great to get the chance to speak with you! Before we go, we absolutely have to ask! Who are your 5 favorite artists of all time, and is there anyone in the near future you’d like to collaborate with?

I like Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley, Tracy Chapman, Ed Sheeran, and Stevie Wonder. I love a lot of artists, but these come to mind right now! Also, I’d love to collab with Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, Willow Smith, Tierra Whack, Jessie Reyez, Drake, of course. We love Drake. And from London, Ed Sheeran and Mahalia, she’s amazing! There’s a lot more especially artists in Jamaica too!

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