Mirzy Bey Stands Out With Video For “DON’T MATTER”

Close up of rap artist Mirzy Bey

Mirzy Bey Stands Out With Video For “DON’T MATTER”

Mirzy Bey, an up and coming rap artist from Philadelphia, has dropped a visual for his song “DON’T MATTER.” Officially released for viewing via YouTube on March 22, Bey takes a different approach for his video in comparison to other artists. This comes as his first released video of the year and is from his latest album Against All Odds 2. Many more visuals for this project are on the way and “DON’T MATTER” is just the start for Mirzy Bey.

“DON’T MATTER” talks about Bey’s challenges and trials he faces while trying to achieve a certain level of success. He is hard at work to level up in his career and anything outside of that doesn’t matter to him. He has many obstacles thrown at him but his main focus is on the music.

The visuals for this song are a direct reflection of the content Bey raps about in “DON’T MATTER.” While some might choose to highlight glitz and glamour in their videos, Bey chooses to focus on less flashy aspects. Directed by SkeetProductions, the video focuses on Bey’s daily life. From dealing with relationship problems to just hanging out with friends, this video is one that viewers will be able to relate with no matter where they are from.

Mirzy Bey is a young, 23-year old, artist who has been working hard and releasing music since 2019. He is already making sure he stands out from the rest of his counterparts by “walking the path less traveled.” His new video has already almost 6,000 views and he has hundreds of monthly listeners on Spotify and Soundcloud. With his continued hard work and unveiling of content like “DON’T MATTER” Bey will surely be heard nationwide in no time.

To keep up with Mirzy Bey and listen to his new song “DON’T MATTER,” he can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.

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