Living The Dre A.M.: Underground Artist’s New Single “Hype Night”

Dre A.M. from his Spotify page

Living The Dre A.M.: Underground Artist’s New Single “Hype Night”

About Dre A.M. ( + Additional Plug)

Based in Queens, New York, Andre Mangano, or Dre A.M., is lyricizing his way to his dreams. Before releasing his own music, he was (and still is) a member of the group Internet Strangers. An artistic collective made up of literal internet strangers from around the world, the group essentially only interacts through free online services and cloud based sharing applications. Their virtual collaboration led to the creation of an album and an EP in 2018, both of which are very well done.   

New Single “Hype Night”

Recently, Dre A.M. released a single called “Hype Night,” the lead single from his upcoming debut album “Kickback Skunk.” The song starts with an altered, artistically muffled sample of Marvin Gaye’s “I Heard It Through The Grapevine.” (It is possible that this sample continues in vocals and strings throughout the song’s beat, but this is only speculation.) Almost unexpectedly, the main beat comes in, expressing Dre A.M.’s unique sound. Quickly after, Dre A.M. himself sets the tone for the song with his smooth voice and lyrics: “What’s an army to a seasoned spear?”  

A switch up in the beat makes even more palpable the introduction of a woman and her effect on Dre A.M. “I met a woman at age 20 that made sunny days have color again / my color palette expanded.” Wittily paced, the lyrics continue with a confident vulnerability and openness about mental health and struggle. “No grey clouds but there’s room for expansion / I grazed death / my depression is expansive.” Dre A.M. is inspired by artists including Earl Sweatshirt, JID, and Aseop Rock. He channels aspects of their art into his music while still maintaining his own style.   

Additionally, Dre A.M. has a great sense of tempo, allowing his vocals and lyrics to fall rhythmically with the beat. A video of him free-styling shows his intense energy and skilled wordplay. Check out this underground artist who isn’t afraid to address to heavy topics like self isolation, suicide, and anxiety through his music. Stream “Hype Night” here!

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