Breezy Music With Benny Sings

Breezy Music With Benny Sings

Benny Sings Beyond The Singing

Tim van Berkestijn, better known as Benny Sings, hailing from The Netherlands began making a name for himself in 2003. He started off as a bassist for the Dutch hip hop group, “Abstract Dialect”, before releasing his first album. Before branching off into his own musical career, he wrote and produced for other Dutch hip hop and soul groups. After releasing his first album, “Champagne People”, he started to gain attraction in The Netherlands and around Europe but didn’t take off in the US. 8 years later, in 2011, Benny Sings released another album, “Art”, where the first song on the album, “Big Brown Eyes” officially blew up in the US. With over 11 million listens around the world, he began to receive attraction for his own music after years of writing for other groups. In 2018, he wrote and produced the song “Loving Is Easy” for Rex Orange County and accredited a small fan base just in time for his 2018 album, “Beat Type”.


Getting To The Music

Benny Sings simplifies his chipper songs right down to their base. His lyrics are straightforward yet captivating, his voice is silky and sweet, almost in a “barely there” manner. His beats are what carry his songs; they are funky and versatile and manifest his experience in different music scenes and genres. His current crossover from the Dutch pop scene to the American Indie Pop scene has given his music the potential to grow in ways unfamiliar to the singer. Any of his songs can fall under the pop, hip hop, yacht rock, jazz, or indie genre, leaving his fan base always eager to listen to his newest project. Benny Sings tests the limits of sticking to one genre as at artist and exhibits the clear fluidity of music. If you like Mac DeMarco, Rex Orange County or Tom Misch, give Benny Sings a chance.

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