Kodak Black Drops Video For “Haitian Scarface”

Kodak Black Drops Video For “Haitian Scarface”

Image via Kodak Black “Haitian Scarface” Video

Kodak Black released a new song with no warning, giving his fans a treat. In the song “Haitian Scarface”, Kodak talks about his recent encounters with the law and the difficulties he faces from the media’s perception of him.

Kodak samples audio from the film “Scarface” in the intro and end of his song. Kodak expresses a similar sentiment, with the media seeing him as a bad guy. Throughout the track, Kodak expands on the current talking points in his life. The 25-year-old raps about being in the limelight and a target for the police. Kodak was recently arrested on drug charges in Fort Lauderdale.

Image via TMZ

.In the song, he raps “Gotta take the wrap off the Maybach ’cause I don’t wanna be followed. They already know it’s me, can’t roll in peace, I ain’t tryna be bothered”. In the next line, Kodak mentions his lawyer Bradford Cohen and how influential he’s been in his life. He views him as a father figure, saying Cohen has taught him things that he didn’t learn from the streets.

Due to his negative perception from the media, Kodak feels that eyes are on him all times. Kodak repeats throughout the track that the police try to find any reason to arrest him in an attempt to embarrass him. He feels that with all that’s going on, it undermines his contributions to his community and that the media gives little to attention to his good deeds.

Moreover, in the music video, Kodak usually appears in two different areas. One is on a boat, where he sports a suit, wielding a machete where it becomes clear why he named the song “Haitian Scarface”. The other, Kodak has blue and red lights flickering in the background, mimicking police lights, insinuating his constant run-ins with the police.

It’s clear that the Florida rapper isn’t keen with the media and the law. Overall, Kodak feels that he’s a target and very few people actually care for him and how he is doing.

You can watch the music video for “Haitian Scarface” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HP7Moy4cgM

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