Dylan Releases New Single, “Girl Of Your Dreams”

Dylan Releases New Single, “Girl Of Your Dreams”

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22-year-old, Suffolk-born singer-songwriter Dylan released her new single, “Girl Of Your Dreams” on July 13.

“Welcome to the soundtrack of your summer, where you’re literally the girl of everyone’s dreams if you listen to this song. Why? Because I said so,” Dylan wrote in a TikTok on July 20, bopping to “Girl Of Your Dreams” with an iced coffee in hand.

“Girl Of Your Dreams” is less of an “I want you”, pining hit than it is an empowering, “You want me”, pop-rock anthem. Amid steady drums and a strong guitar hook, Dylan sings lyrics like “You are all that I want, all that I need / And I know what you like, don’t you see that it’s me / I can be the girl of your dreams.”

“I had just been on an absolute flop of a date, mainly because I had my eyes set on someone that had zero interest in me,” Dylan shared in an interview with The Line of Best Fit on the meaning of the song, “So the story behind the song is why are we wasting so much time on other people if you are my dream, and I can be yours.”

Dylan’s music fits under the indie-pop label, but relies heavily on rock influences. From her earlier tracks like the synthy “Sour Milk” to the more recent “Nineteen” in its young-love glory, Dylan’s vocals and lyrics cover a broad range of sounds and themes.

With over half a million followers on TikTok and a rising number on Instagram, Dylan’s worked hard to leverage her social media game. It’s a move that’s worked in her favor as she’s amassed millions of likes through her platform. She also happened to tour with Ed Sheeran on the European leg of his stadium tour this year, no doubt garnering the attention of that audience as she played songs from her 3 EPs.

Looking ahead, Dylan’s future appears bright. With a sold-out UK tour on the horizon in the fall, her oft-mentioned dream of playing to massive arenas of her own might not be far off.

You can watch Dylan’s music video for “Girl Of Your Dreams” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlsRFcs1Bzc

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