Steve Lacy Releases New Project “Gemini Rights”

Steve Lacy Releases New Project “Gemini Rights”

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Steve Lacy marks his return with a 10-track long project, “Gemini Rights.” His singles released over the course of a month prior to the album’s release, “Mercury,” “Bad Habits,” and “Sunshine” all feature on the album.

The 24-year-old experiments with his sound throughout the project, whether it be with instruments or his vocals. There are elements of rock and soul sprinkled throughout the album that give it a refreshing feel to it. This garnered praise from Kanye West, calling Steve Lacy “one of the most inspiring people on the planet.”

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Much of his focus on the album is how he expresses himself in different situations of his life. Lacy shares some heartfelt tracks on the album like “Amber” where he talks about a relationship he wishes never happened. He also shares tracks where he flaunts himself. In the song “Sunshine,” where he sings “Safe to say after me you peaked” but also admits to longing for a relationship with that person.

With only 2 features on the album, Steve Lacy makes this album and his idea for it his own. This allows for Lacy and his concept for the project to be the focal point and not a feature. The album provides a variety of vibes allowing the concept of growth in a relationship and expressing his emotions not become stale. Songs like “Helmet” and “Bad Habit” have an upbeat sound to it. Later in the album, the track “Give You the World” balances the album by slowing the pace down, providing a sensual feeling to the project.

Altogether, the project portrays a mix of Lacy’s emotions and thoughts. As stated in Steve Lacy’s message for the album on Apple Music, “I write about my anger, sadness, longing, confusion, happiness, horniness, anger, happiness, confusion, fear, etc., all out of love and all laughable, too.”

Gemini Rights by Steve Lacy. via Spotify

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