Kiana Lede Drops Single “Deeper”

Kiana Lede Drops Single “Deeper”

Kiana Lede drops a new single called “Deeper“. The track, available on Heavy Group/Republic Records, showcases Kiana’s signature style as R&B’s leading femme fatale. “Deeper” seduces listeners with its silky guitar melody and subtle beat. Kiana’s sensual delivery turns up the heat, leading to a climactic chorus that will leave you wanting more.

About Kiana Lede New Single “Deeper”

The song is a perfect blend of smooth vibes and captivating vocals that showcase her undeniable talent. This release follows the success of her previous single, “Jealous,” featuring Ella Mai, which has garnered millions of streams and widespread acclaim. Kiana is known for her heartfelt ballads, and she continues to captivate with her deep and introspective lyrics. “Deeper” is no exception, as she openly reflects on her insecurities, making the song even more relatable. Get ready to immerse yourself in Ledé’s captivating melodies and powerful storytelling.

The sophomore album will be available sometime in June. Following the success of her previous album, KIKI (Deluxe) and its standard version. Ledé is ready to take us on another musical journey. Kiana wants to share her growth and showcase her maturity. Ledé has gone through her fair share of ups and downs, but she’s approaching everything from a more balanced perspective. This album will reflect the experiences and challenges she has faced over the past few years.

Kiana’s poetic lyrics, combined with a blend of classic R&B, soul, pop, and hip-hop, showcase her versatility and unique style. Also, has a irresistible melody and heartfelt lyrics, this song is bound to become a fan favorite. Overall, Kiana Ledé’s “Deeper” is a remarkable addition to her discography. It’s a testament to her prowess as an R&B artist. Also, solidifies her status as a rising star in the music industry. Don’t sleep on this track—it’s a must-add to your playlist. Also, for more updates on music check out upcoming news.

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