Alison Goldfrapp’s Solo debut: The Love Invention

Alison Goldfrapp’s Solo debut: The Love Invention

Undoubtedly, Alison Goldfrapp has always been an artist who refuses to be put in a box. Her music has ranged from dreamy ambient chill-out to savagely direct electro-glam, and she has never been afraid to experiment. 

Undeniably, her new album, “The Love Invention,” is no exception. Released today on May 12th, is a bold, ambitious, and utterly unique album that showcases Goldfrapp’s incredible range and talent.

The album is her first foray into exploring her sound alone, apart from her iconic duo band “Goldfrapp.” Fortunately, she meets this challenge eagerly and rises to the occasion with her own unique sound from the very first track. 

The album opens with the title track, a soaring, euphoric anthem about the power of love. The track following is “Digging Deeper Now,” a driving, dancefloor-friendly track that is sure to get you moving. 

“Fever” is a sultry, seductive ballad that will make you want to slow dance with your lover. And “So Hard So Hot” is a dark, edgy track that will make you sweat.

A new beginning

The production across the album is excellent. Richard X does an incredible job of supporting Alison’s sound, curating an experience that is both modern and timeless.

Simultaneously, the album takes to new heights by the incredible songwriting at work throughout. Goldfrapp seems to have an innate talent for finding catchy and memorable tunes. 

Additionally, in between these high-energy tracks, Goldfrapp also takes some time to slow things down. In particular, “Gatto Gelato” is a dreamy, atmospheric track that showcases Goldfrapp’s angelic vocals. And “Hotel (Room 23)” is a personal, intimate track that offers a glimpse into Goldfrapp’s soul.

“The Love Invention” is a truly special album. See an artist unafraid to eschew what she is known for, and break new ground in a new venture with panache. 

If you are a fan of Goldfrapp, or if you are looking for something new and exciting in the world of electronic music, then you need to check out this album. Listen below.

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