Ray Angry: A Peek Into The Mind of Music

Ray Angry: A Peek Into The Mind of Music

Pianist, producer, and a dedicated man of music, Ray Angry holds an eclectic resume of what it means to work hard and do what you love. Having been inspired by his parents to continue this drive for music, Angry invested himself in concerts and instruments that kept him occupied in that world.

“I would go to concerts and see people perform. I fell in love with that,” Angry said when asked about why music inspires him. “The way music made people feel, I always wanted to be that person on the other side watching.”

However, while music inspired his career drive, Angry’s overwhelming passion for connecting with people is what made him who he is in the industry. 

“I love connecting with people and sharing ideas. To be able to make someone’s day better by sharing something that I wrote, it’s a source of inspiration for me,” Angry mentioned.

From CEO to Symphonic Debut

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Ray Angry’s collection of projects span an array of different genres. This diverse array of works includes the creation of his highly praised music group, Mister Goldfinger. The beginnings of his record company rests on Angry’s commitment to putting forth the best and also most welcoming music. 

“I started my record company because I wanted to take ownership of my music. I wanted to create an ecosystem for creators that’s not based on exploitation,” explained Angry. 

His work at the company is rooted in collaboration. It serves as a relationship between others and himself. And that is exactly how Angry has gone on within his career. Having also worked in television and film, his works include an array of people. Angry has performed with names like The Roots, Queen Latifah, Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live, and also Mick Jagger. He has delved into all kinds of  storytelling music, being omnipresent in the process of creation. However, his most recent work with the Lexington Symphony serves as a dream come true for the artist. 

With classical music being a vibrant inspiration for much of his works today, Angry’s project Black Athena ~ Power welcomed a new world for the artist imbued in strength. 

“Power is something that is personal. I wanted to create something that spoke to all of humanity and I thought power would be that.”

The project debuted this past November and has been met with nothing but success. Angry made clear that the feeling of surrealness with its sold-out debut has yet to go away. And while it began as a trial into the unknown and new, it proved Angry’s commitment to manifesting and seeing truth.

What to Expect Next From Ray Angry

Ray Angry’s agenda included his enthusiasm in creating the best of the best; however his newest project plays more on serving the audience the best that he can. “Ray Angry Three” will serve as his second solo project. Focusing more on relationships, the solo piano piece coming out early June will capture a different world for its listeners. The album comes as a reflection into his mind and a dedication to his family and his mother. It serves as a passion piece for the world he hopes to leave an impact on. 

“There’s so much darkness happening in the world. I wanted to create something that would bring just a little bit of light to a crazy world. I just hope that people are inspired by it.” 

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