Conan Gray Announces New Pop Single

Conan Gray Announces New Pop Single

Singer-songwriter Conan Gray has announced his newest single, “Never Ending Song” will be released May 19th. The singer was seen teasing new music with cryptic posters. They were seen in cities like Los Angeles mere days after his appearance at the 2023 Met Gala. With these posters showcasing several advertisements of “HELP WANTED: CONAN NEEDS YOUR HELP WORKING THE NIGHT SHIFT,” fans couldn’t help but speculate whether this was the start of a new era for the artist. However, after posting a 12 second clip of Gray walking into a super-store with the same poster symbol making a debut again, its safe to say Gray’s newest single has taken on a life of its own. 

Conan Gray & The Many Works of His Career

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Conan Gray is no new artist in the world of music. The musician has an eclectic discography, with his previous album attaining critic and public acclaim. His song, “Heather,” garnered a wide online audience over the course of these past two years. Growing incredibly popular amongst TikTok users, the song instantly became a hit. It also reached 1 billion streams in a matter of months. However, that same success can be attributed with many of Gray’s older and more recent tracks. Songs such as “Family Line” and “People Watching” all carry that pop ambiance that hooks the listener almost instantly. Being one to use seamless instrumentals, heavy melodies, and a building chorus, Gray understands the appeal in a great pop song.

“Never Ending Song” – What to Expect

It would be no surprise if Conan Gray’s newest single also followed suit with many of his previous pop tracks. Gray also recently posted a clip of what the single has to encompass, featuring a snippet of the song. “Never Ending Song” already seems to have a David Bowie and Elton John vibe to its core. From Conan Gray’s look in the clip to the retro 80s ambiance it emitted, the song will clearly carry an audience like no other. 

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