Cook MGM Drops “Baguetties” With Lil Baby

Baguetties by Cook MGM ft Lil Baby cover art

Cook MGM Drops “Baguetties” With Lil Baby

New hip-hop and rap artist, Cook MGM, has come into the music world swinging with the music video release for his single “Baguetties” featuring Lil Baby. The up and coming rapper was born in Arkansas and has taken that down South rapping style, and applied it into his artistry. The video for “Baguetties” was released on February 28 and with a feature from a well-known artist such as Lil Baby, Cook MGM had to bring his A game, and that’s exactly what he did.

“Baguetties” was officially released at the end of 2020 and has gained over 152,000 streams on Spotify alone. The single, which was released under the Money Gang Music record label, comes as the rapper’s first single of the new year. The song talks about how Cook has come from humble beginnings, but has now gained success because of his work. He shows off his new flashy lifestyle and all the luxuries he has gotten since his new success.

The “Baguetties” music video is a direct reflection of what Cook MGM raps about in his lyrics. The video is full of expensive clothes, shiny diamond jewelry and fast cars. Lil Baby’s verse also adds so much to the song. Each of these artists’ Southern rap styles compliment each other well and flow effortlessly over the song’s trap beats.

Cook MGM has emerged into the industry with singles from huge hip hop figures like Lil Baby and Yella Beezy. These features did not just come from out of the blue, they obviously see the skill and talent Cook has. While he already has the support from these important people, all he needs is that one breakout single to help him skyrocket to the top and “Baguetties” just might be the single to help him do just that.

To remain in the loop with Cook MGM and all of his music releases, he can be found on Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

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