Capella Grey’s ‘Confujawn’ Ft. Nija Dives Into Unnecessary Love Games

Confujawn single cover with Capella Grey (ft.Nija). Courtesy of Spotify

Capella Grey’s ‘Confujawn’ Ft. Nija Dives Into Unnecessary Love Games

Bronx R&B sensation Capella Grey comes back with his captivating new single called Confujawn. The inebriating R&B song features breakout artist Nija, who showcases her luscious vocals. Grey, who previously won the hearts of fans around the world with his song Gyalis, shows a more introspective, vulnerable side on “Confujawn.”  This new jam hits all points with dating trends in 2022. The wave of nonchalant dating, but with a twist! Cappella Grey is all about the feels with his confident yet vulnerable take on a man’s perspective on not being “Confujawn” or confused. Nija brings in her women-empowered, strong minded, not-settling-for-any-dude-unless-worthy attitude into these two sides to the story jam. 

Capella Grey and Nija pose together during Confujawn videoshoot.

Photo Credit: Shaun Llewellyn

About Confujawn

The rich melodies and intoxicating vocals of Confujawn prove Grey has songs for everyone.. “Confujawn” finds the up and coming star showing a fully fledged approach to a rugged relationship. “Like what we doing, no more games,” Grey croons over a tenacious guitar line and boom-bap drums. “We’re getting older, I told you no more looking over my shoulder.” The track’s video opens with an honest conversation between Grey and Nija about relating. They eventually decide to make the most of a long night out, which is captured in moody, stylish lighting. They trade verses in a party while people danced the night away. Confujawn moves your body side-to-side while thinking of a relatable situation found in many relationships.

A back-and-forth story about wanting to be with someone who isn’t sure if they want to come together with you. Flying in the atmosphere feelings of not wanting to be confused while knowing how you feel and getting rid of those nonchalant ways. Maturity being key to any relationship capable of withstanding long lasting love that is concise with no Confujawn in the way.

Check out Capella Grey Featuring Nija’s Confujawn video here.

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