The Beauty Revolutionary Nyasia Ashford Creates A New Regime of Fearlessness

The Beauty Revolutionary Nyasia Ashford Creates A New Regime of Fearlessness

Nyasia Ashford is an upcoming fierce model from New Jersey creating her divine wave with her effortless beauty and hustle. Modeling has become a turning point for Nyasia as she embarks on a journey of self-revelation and new ways of creativity. 

Currently, the model at the prestigious Howard University where she studies psychology. At the age of 12, Nyasia began modeling despite being very introverted. “I was always so shy growing up so the thought of that many people looking at me was INSANE, it still is. I do this thing where I blank out on the runway so I’m on autopilot which helps with the nerves” said Nyasia. 

Dare To Be Brave & Open To Oneself

Nyasia has come a long way from being that shy little girl. Conscious of her purpose, she now confidently walks the runway with pure confidence and elegance. Her background in modeling came from taking advantage of participating in high school fashion shows to getting tips from shows on Youtube to see how professionals do it.

Being a student in the modeling world worked in much of her favor because. “The more I practiced and studied, it kind of just became second nature to me” she mentioned.

Arguably many people think that modeling only takes standing behind a camera but Nyasia is proof that it comes with so much more. Typically, the preparation process can be very intense on photo shoot and show days.

All the intricate factors that go into it from hair, makeup, fittings, and practice are all things that are tedious but Nyasia wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Fashion and modeling has become her outlet to share her voice with the rest of the world creatively. By adapting to the routine of constantly changing her looks, she has grown to become very open. However, this took time and didn’t happen overnight. Nyasia added, “I’ve gotten to the point in my sense of style where I can walk out in a plastic bag and still feel great about it.”

This is no surprise that her style has become so versatile to a point she will wear just about anything. From serving the looks of a 70s Afro-Centric woman to becoming bald and then bleaching her eyebrows, everyday she’s learning to appreciate the skin that she is in. To Nyasia, fashion is universal and anybody can get in touch with it. 

Be On The Lookout For The Next Glamor Girl

With much of Nyasia’s consistency, there is nothing that she can’t do! Recently, she has been expanding into learning the process of production for garments where she is experimenting hands-on to further bring her vision to life. There are very few dislikes that the model has, except for cheap and unauthentic materials. 

Nyasia Ashford is Jersey’s next upcoming, “It Girl” as she motivates others to take risks and enter spaces where they can channel their true selves creatively at their own pace.

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