Matthew A. Cherry: Writer, Director, and Activist

Matthew A. Cherry, as mentioned in the title is a director, writer, and activist as well as a producer, editor, and former NFL player. It’s safe to say that he is a man who wears a lot of hats, and somebody to look out for. His work and contributions on projects like Hair Love and BlackkKlansman depict activism through art whereas work like The Last OG and The Last Fall means to blur the lines between entertainment, and activism. His work crosses boundaries and is nothing short of extraordinary.

As a former NFL player to then taking his talents of writing, directing, etc. to new levels and beginning a new career in the world of film is seldom heard of. And to be rewarded with an Academy Award shortly after is rare if not a first for a former NFL player.

His newest project, Tut, a story of the boy-king Tutankhamun, will dive into a world based in ancient Egypt to yet again celebrate the uniqueness in a culture like his previous projects. As explained in Variety, “SPA president Kristine Belson called Cherry “one of today’s most exceptional creative voices. We had the privilege of collaborating with him on his first animated short, which has since evolved into his first animated series — and we’re so proud to team up again on his first animated feature, ‘Tut.’ Matthew has a bold and modern take on this story rarely told, filled with magic, music, and powerful themes — and we’re thrilled that we get to go on this adventure together.” So, this project like his others is one to watch out for.

Cherry’s professional work in combination with his willingness to speak up about social issues makes him a truly spectacular artist of this generation and one that isn’t receiving enough credit. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out his work, then I’d recommend it to anyone looking for someone to admire.

Check out some of his work here:


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Matthew A. Cherry: Writer, Director, and Activist