Instagram Artist Feature @ilikearttypegirl

Instagram Artist Feature @ilikearttypegirl

Drake Views Exhibit Artist Feature @ilikearttypegirl


I got the chance to met an amazing Instagram artist (@ilikearttypegirl) at the Drake Views Exhibit. Her passionate and outgoing personality really shows out in her work. I immediately wanted to talk to her because she had blue hair. She and a leather jacket on that said “Kanye Attitude with Drake feelings”. I discovered that she was the artist after we already started talking.

Her work speaks for itself, it is so expressive. I wanted to buy a piece so badly. Her modern artwork tells a story for pop culture, in this case Drake. Previously she had done artwork based around Kanye West. Drake’s portrait was definitely inspired by Andy Warhol at lot of artists try to duplicate his iconic style. I felt a 90’s vibe from within her work. I am loving the 90’s right now so that is probably why I loved her work so much too. She had done a couple pieces inspired by ‘Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold’.

@ilikearttypegirl’s rendition of Drake x ‘Hey Arnold’ was really dope to say the least. Her small series of Drake dancing from his ‘Hotline Bling’ music video is so much fun. Last but not least is her two artworks featuring Rhianna.  One piece had Lola bunny from Looney Tunes smoking; it read “Don’t you see RiRi right next to me?”. The last piece had a profile portrait of Rhianna and 1(800)-Hotline Bling as the background.

Congratulations (@ilikearttypegirl) for being recognized for the success of your artwork. You know have our support for your art. Being an artist is never easy, especially in New York City. It is a big accomplishment to be featured in a Drake and Kanye tribute art exhibit. I hope you continue to be recognized and have your work displayed in future art galleries.


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