FIDM Student Speaks Her Mind On How Cosplay and Fashion Changed Her Life

FIDM Student Speaks Her Mind On How Cosplay and Fashion Changed Her Life

Cosplayer Highlight: HylianCream (She/Her)

Written by Celeste Alyssa Gomez

October 10, 2020

Nerdy Vocab:

Foam: Craft foam is a material used to make cosplay armor and weapons, it is light but very expensive

Worbla: A thermoplastic sheet that mends in all shapes and forms. The creativity is endless and cosplayers use this as well for armor and/or weapons. However, this is more expensive than foam.

Today I want to make a highlight on a particular cosplayer named HylianCream also formally known as Cian. She is a cosplayer based in SoCal. Their creations spotlight characters from a variety of series. HylianCream is also a fashion student at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). I took the time to sit down to interview her. I wanted to know her thoughts on how she perceives the fashion world in this current pandemic and how she keeps herself motivated. HylianCream is also known for her store on Etsy called HylianCream Creations, a store consisting of cosplay accessories ranging from costumes, masks, merch, and more. Support local artists!

Like I mentioned before the anime market and fashion world intertwine closely. The fandom is immensely popular, many people like HylianCream are paid to do commissions. When HylianCream spoke with me she mentioned how the students from her class at FIDM did not even know what foam or worbla was. These are two materials that are often used when constructing heavy builds. For the fashion world, you would think these materials would also be used because many lines are chaotic and colorful. She also mentioned to me how she tries to stir away from brands like Hot Topic because she fears that the art slapped on the shirt could be stolen from the Japanese artists. Even though clothes might be cheaper it is wrong to steal art that is not yours. These were the questions asked upon the interview:

What made you decide to pursue a passion for cosplay and design?

“My grandmother would sew every day and I took after that. She showed me how to sew. I’ve been wanting to be a designer ever since I was ten. I realized this was something I found myself extremely passionate about. My family noticed as well and have been supportive. I took the time to research schools and reached out to someone at FIDM. I’ve definitely developed more of my style and costume design.” 

Photography: @hayliejenscreative/Instagram

Design: Hannah Alexander, @hannah_alexander_artwork/Instagram

Costume Made By: Cian, @hyliancream/Instagram


How do you think your work empowers you? Tell me about your shop as well.

“Creating isn’t the easiest during the quarantine. I am able to develop new skills such as using more foam. It is important to keep going. Quarantine has not helped anyone’s mental health. Even though I am happy with my work, I still get disappointed, but I feel like that’s how others are feeling right now. Speaking to others and gathering feedback has helped me stay motivated.  As for my shop, my Minnie mouse ears are on a hiatus. They started off because I was inspired by other artists. Again, I did not want to steal art and put it on my ears. Fanart and inspiration are important.”

Photo 1: Disney Inspired Dapper Dress

Photography: Jar, @jvzzy/Instagram

Design and Costume Made By: Cian, @hyliancream/Instagram

Photo 2: Meduse and Pit

Photography: @hayliejenscreative/Instagram

Costume Made By: Cian, @hyliancream/Instagram

Photo 3: HylianCream Creations @hyliancream.creations/Instagram


Being a fashion student at FIDM, what are the struggles for exploring this virtually?

“I chose to start in the Winter because I was not ready to do it virtually. I find myself getting distracted. Listening to the instructor online is really hard. I hope for spring to do the hybrid, but I’m also scared because it is in LA, and I want to keep my family safe.”

Photography: @hayliejenscreative

Costume Made By: Cian, @hyliancream/Instagram

Okay since we are in the middle of spooktober, I added a bonus question. I know Halloween will not be the same, but do not feel discouraged. HylianCream provided great advice on how to make home costumes fun. She told me, “Find things around your house or thrift. I love the clearance section. However, do not stress over your costume. It is supposed to be fun, and you’re supposed to have fun doing it!”

It was absolutely lovely interviewing her. Please go support her and her work on Instagram and Etsy! Instagram: @hyliancream/@hyliancream.creations

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