5 Fashion Trends From the 1970’s That Have Resurrected in 2020

5 Fashion Trends From the 1970’s That Have Resurrected in 2020

The decade most well known for disco is back for 2020 minus the glitter and eccentric sky high platforms for now. The 70’s were a colorful time for fashion with loud prints and roomy fits. You would think those bold trends would have faded along with the passing decade, but like an aftershock, fashion always comes back to make waves. Here are five fashion trends from the 70’s that have made appearances for 2020.

1.) Tie-Dye

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This colorful trend originated in the late 1960’s and was worn as a form of peaceful protest against the Vietnam war. It continued to be used as a form of expression for those who felt powerless, and even spilled into the 1970’s where it reached its peak and extended more into pop culture fashion. Today, the colorful trend has recently made waves in 2020 where it was at its height during the warm summer months. 

2.) Rib Knit Tops

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This cozy knitted trend crafted in the form of close fitting tops was well favored in the 70’s. Knitting machines were popular in the 60’s/70’s and the speedy manufacturing contributed to the growth of this trend. Ribbed tops have been welcomed back with open arms in 2020 where they have mostly been spotted in the form of crop tops.

3.) Wide-leg pants

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You can finally put your skinny jeans to rest and allow your legs some breathing room with this wide-leg pants trend that was all the rage in the 70’s. Wide-leg pants at the time was associated with the boho hippie movement, were usually high waisted and worn by both men and women . These roomy pants are still a trend in 2020 and have geared more towards women’s fashion. A popular version of these pants that have been seen this year are the ones with a side split on each leg. 

4.) A-line skirts

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A-line skirts in the 70’s were popular in a multitude of lengths. They were often crafted in material such as suede and denim and were paired with a pair of knee high boots. This trend managed to make an appearance in 2020 in short and long sizes.

5.) Animal Print

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This bold and fierce trend will spice up any ensemble. Roaring animal prints in clothes and shoes such as zebra, leopard, snakeskin, giraffe and cheetah was widespread in the 70’s. It was mostly associated with the edginess of the punk rock movement. Today, these daring prints have returned once again as a loud fashion statement. The prints that have been mostly spotted this year are leopard, cheetah, and snakeskin.

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