Fashion for Socially Distant Dating


Fashion for Socially Distant Dating

One of the most exciting parts about dating is getting ready for the date itself. Picking your outfit, choosing whether to dress trendy or classy, putting on makeup with the perfect contour and curling my hair is all part of the fun. When going on a typical date, I have some go-to pieces that never fail. My favorite shirt with the best pair of jeans which works for dinner and a bar, or a dress trendy enough to dress up.

But no surprise, even modern dating is changing during the pandemic. Although certain states are entering different phases allowing restaurants to operate at 100% capacity, many people are still opting out of face-to-face dating. With these different dating methods, we shouldn’t be surprised the dating uniform is also changing. But what do people wear on these “FaceTime dates” which are quickly gaining popularity?

I remember my first FaceTime date during the pandemic, stressing out about how I should approach the date. Five minutes before our scheduled call, I threw my shirt off, opting for something a little bit dressier. But I started to worry; I’m sitting in my childhood bedroom talking on the phone, why should I dress up, even more, concerned the guy on the other end would rock pajamas while I looked like I planned to go somewhere?

Surprisingly, getting ready for a virtual date is even more difficult than an in-person date. Clothing is part of a person, regardless of how materialistic that sounds. You can get a sense of a person based on the way they present themselves in the world. But how do you present yourself when you’re dating in your home?

For certain virtual dates, I elect comfort over couture. Personally, I would feel a little funny getting all dolled up when I am only sitting on my couch. Chose something easy to slip on, but still looks chic. The plus side, no heels!

For those deciding to venture out of their house, possibly to meet for coffee or eat outside, you can definitely dress up your look a little bit. But remember, just because it is October doesn’t mean fall is in full effect. It is still perfectly acceptable to rock a sundress with a light sweater and some cute yet fashionable sandals.

Regardless of where you opt to go for your socially distant date, remember the one accessory not going out of style is a face mask. Navigating this new frontier of dating will take some time for all us single individuals out there, but we can still have fun, especially in the fashion department.


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