Olivia Rodrigo Releases Her Latest Album, “GUTS”

Olivia Rodrigo Releases Her Latest Album, “GUTS”

Released on September 8th, Olivia Rodrigo dropped her sophomore album, titled GUTS.

After a previous success with her first album SOUR, that was released back in May of 2021, winning the artist a Grammy at 19 years old for Best Pop Vocal Album, there is no doubt that the future would be shining bright for the singer.

Her newest album, GUTS, talks about the growth journey she has been on as she is becoming a young adult. With all of Olivia’s songs continually being written by her, fans are able to see the inside emotions of the relationships she goes through.

Olivia’s last album, SOUR, was written when she was only 17. As the artist has grown and is now 20 years of age, we are able to see the progression and emotions throughout her life as she grows up.

Her newest album contains similar sweet ballads that are comparable to her first album, but as you continue listening there are some songs added in the album that take a grunge/punk rock approach-and fans are loving it! Song titles include, “bad idea right?” “ballad of a homeschooled girl,” “get him back!” “love is embarrassing” and more! Along with that, trending songs such as “vampire,” “all-american bitch,” and “the grudge,” are beginning to show up on all different types of media.

With GUTS being the #1 listened to album as of currently, there are high hopes for Olivia Rodrigo as she continues to grow in the music industry.

No information has been released on whether or not Olivia will be going on tour for her latest album. With the assumption that she will be going on tour, due to the success of her past one….keep your eyes peeled for future concert dates!

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