Upcoming Artist: Rado Rackz

Upcoming Artist: Rado Rackz

When it comes to music, New Jersey rapper and entrepreneur Rado Rackz means business. 

Rackz got his start in the music industry writing songs for friends before he made the transition to writing for himself. Initially backpacking mixtapes and DVDs to grow his social media, Rackz founded the music production company Joog Starz in 2016 to aid his career and work with other creatives. The company, which works in multiple artistic mediums, allows Rackz to build a platform for himself and other artists by working with up and coming producers, videographers, and designers and helping them get their start. 

 As the company grew, Rackz launched the Joog Starz brand in 2018, a streetwear line featuring clearcut, stylish merch that it’s Instagram labels as “trap-parel.”  As a collective, Joog Starz covers music, production, and branding while as an individual Rackz seems focused not only on fostering his budding music career but also the growth of his entire company. 

JoogStarz (photo: JoogStarz)

Rockz has a holistic approach to the industry, understanding how the importance of branding and visuals play in marketing of an artist’s music to new audiences. On the Joog Starz site, Rackz shares that his early inspiration for his brand was rapper Young Jeezy, “He’s a rapper from ATL, but when he first dropped you would see people all over Jersey wearing his snowman shirt. I thought it was dope that he was able to reach so many people through merch especially before social media.” With this in mind, Jood Starz apparel is an extension of Rackz and the company’s vision. 

This past summer, Rackz released the single “Lucrative”, which currently has over forty-five thousand streams on SoundCloud. The song, with its smooth beats and catchy hook, captures Rackz’s business-minded philosophy. Rackz opens with the lines, “the way I do this shit you would think I’m moving bricks…you know I ain’t new to this.” Immediately introducing his listeners to his hard-working and driven attitude.  

Rado Rackz (Photo: Instagram)

As the song continues Rackz repeats “I told them off the rip please never include me in a conversation if it ain’t really lucrative.” Here Rackz established his entrepreneurial spirit and expresses his desire to collaborate only with those who share his vision for success. “Keep my eye on him cause he don’t look 100% …what don’t you get? I rather talk about money and checks,” Rackz shares. 

With his energy-filled music and all-encompassing approach to branding,  Rado Rackz and the Joog Starz brand seem to have all the ingredients required in the recipe for success.

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