Ukraine requests emergency meeting with Russia

Ukraine requests emergency meeting with Russia

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Ukraine requests emergency meeting with Russia to discuss increasing troops at border.

Russia has seemed to place Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, in a state of concern and confusion. According to him, Russia has been ignoring formal request to discuss why there is an increase of troops at boarder.

Last week, Russian leader Vladimir Putin met with French leader to discuss future action against Ukraine. During the meeting Macron proposed numerous proposal and ideas. This included an agreement from both sides to not make further military actions.

Again, Russia increased its military personnel to be permanently stationed close to Ukraine’s border.

As a result, minister Kuleba is requesting a meeting in less than 48 hours to discuss Russias plan. However, Russia has no plans of invading the Ukraine. But the United States, does not have confidence in the promises of Russia.

U.S President Biden informs Ukraine and others that Russia can send aerial strikes “at any time”.

The U.S has alerted Ukraine citizens to evacuate right away earlier this week.

Image from: The Moscow Times

In Ukraine there is an reconsidering of joining NATO to avoid war with Russia. Despite the opportunity to join NATO which would of brought the U.S.-led alliance to Russia’s border.

Ukraine’s ambassador in London, Vadym Prystaiko who changed his mind about Ukraine willing to be “flexible” on joining Nato.

He believed that Ukraine had a constitutional commitment to join Nato and it depended on the “readiness of Nato itself.”

But for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is concerned. He is steadfast in stay calm saying “Right now, the people’s biggest enemy is panic.”

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