The Kooples Move From Marketing Couples to Duos

The Kooples Move From Marketing Couples to Duos

The French label, the Kooples, was founded in 2008 by three brothers. The brand has been known to market based on their ad campaigns that depict real-life couples. Their collections are designed to complement each other and their pieces are created to be interchangeable for both sexes. The idea of inspiration behind their designs, is that over time, couples start to look alike and borrow each other’s clothes. The contemporary brand has since expanded into multiple retailers globally, and launched it’s U.S. e-commerce site recently.

The new concept of their current A/W campaign reads,

What is a Koople to you ?”

– A Koople, is a more cookie version of a couple.

“But you’re not a couple, aren’t you?

We are a couple !
We’re a dynamic duo.
We are a couple.
We are 2”

Their aim is to celebrate modern-day pairs and present their brand in a new way to their customers. They don’t just want to exclusively market to couples. They want to target a new client-base of siblings, twins, artistic duos, and stylish pairs of friends. Their clothing has been a long-time particular favorite of mine in terms of quality and fit. Their styles are androgynous, sophisticated, and slimming, with some styles containing rocker-style elements. The Kooples is definitely a unisex brand that’s worth following.

Photos: The Kooples

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