Crucial Winter Storm Attacks the Eastern Parts Of the U.S.

Crucial Winter Storm Attacks the Eastern Parts Of the U.S.

Image from NASA

The U.S. is attack by a crucial winter storm leaving thousands powerless.

Thousands of residents, including yourself may have woken up to no power, on Saturday morning. A 2,000 miles snow storm brought heavy snowfall and frozen temperatures to torment the eastern parts of the U.S.

17 inches of snow and ice covered parts of New York State, Vermont, Indiana, and Maine early Saturday, the National Weather Service said in a tweet.

Given these facts, approximately 90,000 households were without power in Tennessee early Saturday. Memphis Light, Gas, and Water had the goal of restoring electricity, but below freezing temperatures interrupted Saturday.

This was the story for most utilities company’s. While in New York almost 56,000 people witness darkness. The force of the storm forcing parts of the U.S, to be under Winter advisory while entering the weekend. Especially with the storm delivered a cold front stretching from the Rocky Mountains to the Midwest on Feb. 1. Therefore placing cities in a vulnerable state dealing with temperatures ranging from 15 to 30 degrees below average.

Image from CNN

These severe Winter Storm have force NY Gov. Kathy Hochul to deploy 24 members of the National Guard for aid. In Ulster County hey needed guards for recovery efforts since ” severe winter storm continues to affect the Mid-Hudson Region with heavy ice and snow” her office stated Friday.

In other snow storms she made it clear for residents to stay home for safety measures. So they can avoid ice covered roads and hazardous tree limbs within the Hudson Valley and Capital regions, stated Associated Press. Unfortunately residents had to take to the road causing 72 cashes Friday morning, in New Hampshire. While in Memphis the city witnessed 225 fallen trees in the street. 

As the storm lingers, it has left thousands of resident in cold and gloomy weather, along with feet’s of snow.

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