Russian President Vladimir Putin’s New State Of Mind

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s New State Of Mind

Image from CNN, French President Emmanuel Macron (right) meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Monday, for talks in an effort to find common ground on Ukraine and NATO.

Finally Russian President Vladimir Putin has reached a new state of mind.

Russian President Vladimir Putin discovered a new state of mind on how to approach Ukraine. Earlier this week, French leader Emmanuel Macron met with Putin as a European mediator to help diffuse the arising issue.

Undoubtedly, since December there has been a shared question of if Russia will invade Ukraine. Putin has made the decision to deploy 106,000 troops, artillery, and tanks to the the Ukraine boarder.

Putin has demanded NATO to discontinue the expansion of NATO members with ex-Soviet states. As well as reduction of United States and NATO military activity within Russia.

Putin and Macron met in the heart of Moscow, where Macron requested Putin to de- escalate the conflict. The meeting lasted about six hours, leading Macron to say he and Putin were able to find “points of convergence” over the crisis and that it was “up to us to agree, jointly, concrete and specific measures to stabilize the situation and to de-escalate tensions.”

The purpose of Putin’s lack of support of the Ukraine joining, begins with the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. The “decade of humiliation,” was the era where Bill Clinton’s placed its idea of order upon Europe. Placing Russia in a powerless state, allowing them to be a witness.

Not to mention, Putin has accused Ukraine of violating the rights of it the Russian people. Despite the motive, Russia counterpart, Joe Biden announced if If any assembled Russian units move across the Ukrainian border, that is an invasion. 

Image from Aljazeera

Putin held a joint press conference thanking the French leader for his ways. Putin stated that “We will do everything to find compromise that suit everyone.”

To try to avoid the worst, Macron proposed numerous proposal and ideas. This included an agreement from both sides to not make further military actions.

This also included new forms of communication and ways to continue the Ukraine peace process.

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