Commitment to Sustainability: H&M Design Award Winner

Commitment to Sustainability: H&M Design Award Winner

H&M Design Award Winner Richard Quinn

This years H&M Design Award Winner is a Central Saint Martins graduate, Richard Quinn. Richard Quinn brings back the fun color in fashion. In recent years, the fashion industry was going on a really dark trend. Richard has a raw and unique outlook on fashion. In addition, he is also sustainable. His work is very much unfiltered grunge. Andy Warhol dose of color mixed with a vintage feel.

Sustainability should be a  number one priority within the fashion industry. Why you might ask? Fashion is the number two contributor to pollution second to the oil industry.

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While in the MA program at Central Saint Martins Stella McCartney was his sponsor and mentor. Richard said “Going into my MA, I didn’t have any money, basically, and Stella McCartney sponsored the course, and they really taught me the way of ethical producing.” Richard then said, “It opened my eyes to the damage some fashion does, and now that my eyes are opened; it’s important to keep it ethical.”

Richard Quinn’s designs and commitment to sustainability convinced the judges. The 250 plus design team at H&M is looking at Richard Quinn as inspiration. To be more sustainable for the future.

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