Adam Hinden and Novelist Release “Active” Collaboration Remix

Adam Hinden and Novelist Release “Active” Collaboration Remix

UK Soundcloud Rapper Novelist collaborated with exempletory artist Adam Hinden to create a remix of his 2020 single “Active”. This remix offers an unconventional sound that is sure to appeal to the ear of any listener.

Novelist and Adam Hinden “Active” Collaboration Leads to Remix Release

In March 2021, artist Adam Hinden sent the demo of a proposed remix of Novelist’s 2020 song “Active”. This unique approach to sound altering combined perfectly with the original vocals of the track. Up and coming artist Novelist has made his mark on the music industry, as he consistently is upkeeping his Soundcloud and social media presence. This progressively stylistic collaboration is set to be released to the public on May 7th.

Adam Hinden Gaining Recognition Across Musical Platforms: An Artist and Producer Creating his own Guidelines

20 year old multi-instrumentalist artist and producer Adam Hinden has been making his way into the music industry with bis standout style. His musical style lies in the interface of styles such as ambient lofi, and psychedelic. His 2018 EP “Sleep In” demonstrated this standou style, in which he has been able to obtain such platforms support such as Majestic Casual.

This support has aiding in the defining of his musical status as a versatile and unconventional producer and musician. He has continued to release a trilogy of other musical series similar to this stylistic approach, amassing tens of thousands of plays across different platforms. He is surely an artist that is expected to grow even more, as his artistry deems him worthy of his success. Be sure to stream his latest release “Active” on all streaming platforms May 7th and keep a radar on any future releases and collaboration from him.

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