Unique Dating Locations In New York City

Times Square, Photo by Andreas Kruck on Unsplash

Unique Dating Locations In New York City

A couple embracing one another while on an intimate dinner date.
Photo by René Ranisch on Unsplash

If you are ever traveling in New York City or live in the American City of Lights, there’s an excessive amount of things to do, see, eat, and explore. New York is one of those places that keeps you busy but effectively gets you to want to keep up with what’s next. 

Broadway shows, museums & galleries galore, restaurants everywhere you turn, underground nightclubs, picnics in Central Park, literally, etc. The list can go on forever when it comes to the things you can do in this city.

When the time has come to take that special someone out on a date, one would ponder and really scratch their head with the question, “where and what will I do with my bae?”

There are plenty, but what places stand out? What is there to do with a place like New York that has an abundance of multifarious activities?

Here are the top places you can take your bae on a date in the Empire State: 

1. Go-Karting on Ice (New York) 

Photo credit from Go-Karting on Ice on Explore Hidden

Oh yes! It really does exist. A heart-pumping, smile-breaking, thrill of driving on an icy rink! The perfect date with that special someone, where you can have some competitive fun, and test yourself. Practice navigating a go-kart in an ice rink. A team of experts will guide you with some tips on how to glide through corners and know how to drive on ice. If you dress to impress, play a role of any kind (just like Super Mario Kart characters), you and your bae can win a prize! This event is set for May 6th through May 8th, so hurry with purchasing those tickets for that real-life Mario Bros date. 

Price: $53 per person

2. The Alice – An Immersive Cocktail Experience 

Photo credit of “The Alice” on Explore Hidden

Alice and Wonderland, but an immersive cocktail adventure! A 90 minute “topsy-turvy journey into the magical realm of Wonderland.” A production bought by the interactive team behind The Wizard’s Den, Beyond Cinema, and The Art of Murder. A tea party that will end all tea parties. A theatrical, alternate reality experience that will take you and bae down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass. In those 90 minutes you’ll have two Wonderland Cocktails, solve riddles and challenges just like Alice, get an “Eat Me” cookie, paint roses red, and many different surprises. Tickets are available until March 13th, 2022.

Price $50 per person

3. The Japanese Robot Restaurant Show

Photo Credit of The Japanese Robot Restaurant show on Explore Hidden

You can’t go to Japan, but what if you experienced Japan right here in New York City? The Japanese Robot Restaurant show will spice this date up with  similar vibes to the world-renowned only in Japan experience! A new level of dining with a futuristic adventure with “high-tech laser displays, multi-colored lights, flash dancers, and glittering robots with a Japanese twist.” J-Pop dance routines, a laser light show, and huge robots battling it out, this is a date that will be forever remembered! Delve in a 90-minute show that is three acts, while eating authentic Japanese food, beverages, and souvenir options between each act. The Japanese Robot Restaurant show will run from June until December 2022.

Price will be available in June, Early bird sign up!

4.City Climb at Edge NY

Photo credit of Edge New York logo from Edge New York

One of the most beautiful places to go sightseeing in New York City to date and literally for a sky-high date! City Climb at Edge not only has Edge, a 1,131 feet high sightseeing of all of Manhattan’s glory and the Empire State Building, but a climb out of your comfort zone journey. City Climb is known to be the highest “open-air building ascent” in the world! As a climber, you and your date will scale the outside of a skyscraper more than 1,200 feet above the ground, as you can lean out and look below from the highest outdoor space in NYC. After you’re done with your climbing a 1,200 feet skyscraper, enjoy your feet on the grounds of Edge and sip on a glass of champagne to toast the accomplishment. 

Tickets to Edge start from $36

5. Movies with a View 

Photo credit from Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy’s “Movies with a View” event

The “Movies with a View” event at Brooklyn Bridge Park  is one of the perfect places to picnic while watching a film on Pier 1 Harbor View Lawn. No need to spend all that money to sit in a dark, cold room, with overpriced snacks, food, and drink. Couples night just became a romantic-laidback night out with harbor views, food stands galore, and Brooklyn Bridge views.  Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy has a 4-week limited run on Thursday evenings in August 2022! Every year, there is a different theme of film categories. You’ll know the films that will be presented ahead of time for dealers’ choice on their website. With Smorgasburg providing food and drinks all night long, along the Pier 1 promenade.  From pizza, street food from different cultures, ice cream, oysters, and jerk chicken. You can grab a glass of wine or pick your choice of beer. 

Price: Depends on the food and beverages you purchase. 

New York City is a diverse landscape of five boroughs; each location bringing unique experiences, different views, foods, drinks, and memories to reminisce having with the lover in your life.

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