Traveling Without the Filter

Melissa Giroux is originally from Quebec, Canada, but in 2015 she decided to turn her life toward travel blogging. She started hitchhiking in Canada before moving to Australia and then to the UK, Bali, and Thailand. Nowadays she runs an online business and a few successful travel blogs, causing her to take a slower approach on traveling. 

Mel’s posts offer an unfiltered look at the world through her travels. Her Instagram has slowed down during quarantine, but her website still offers consistent blog posts for those eager to see more of the world. 

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It’s interesting to see what Mel is doing now that she’s in a fast paced industry but slowing down. As a grizzled veteran she’s actually a great place for tips and other bits of advice for those with a heart for travel. A big part of Mel’s website is her travel resources section, where she creates guides about how to live in certain places and what it takes to get visas and be insured. Her resources are super useful for young travels who are just starting out. 

Mel has also started Nomad Life 101, where she gives you the chance to get started as a “digital nomad” in our modern landscape. It seems like there’s no better time to become a “digital nomad” in the face of everything 2020 has brought with it. The website allows you to jump onto the journey at any point, whether you’re just starting out on your adventure, looking for a destination, or just looking for resources. 

Mel is particularly interesting as a travel blogger because she’s found a way to take a slower life but intertwine that with her passion for travel. It is totally worth checking her out if you’re young and inexperienced, because her website really does offer a wide array of tools for all the different steps necessary when aiming to travel. 


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