Learn About Eco-Friendly Travel with Every Steph

Learn About Eco-Friendly Travel with Every Steph

“Green is the new black,” that is the motto of Every Steph, the Green & Glamorous Travel & Lifestyle blog. As a travel blogger, Steph’s goal is to redefine the stereotype of the eco-friendly traveler. Travel can be both expensive and sometimes certain activities can be detrimental to the environment, but Steph finds a way to still keep travel fun by living an “eco-luxury” style life. 

On her blog, Steph talks about how her love for travel started at an early age as her parents took her around Europe. Hailing from Italy at the age of fifteen, Steph traveled to Australia and then California only a year later to study as an exchange student. After her experience as a high schooler, she took to study abroad at UCLA, and then got her masters in Spain. From there on out it was travel that kept her flame burning, and with tons of experience under her belt, she’s got lots of great tips for those learning to travel more.

In terms of eco-luxury travel, Steph lists a few of her favorite articles on her website. Some of her articles list go-to ecotourism destinations, another list the best glamping destinations in the USA, and she even has a list of luxury treehouse cabins to stay in

Steph also promotes living a flexible lifestyle, and shares some of her other interests on her blog. In terms of fashion sense, Steph has guides on fashion in different countries. One such article is “What to Wear in Thailand,” where she documents how to pack, what to bring, and what to wear in different locations in her comprehensive guide. In her guide she even has links to different websites for those looking to purchase the same items. 

Aside from Everysteph.com, Steph can also be found at the @everysteph handle on Instagram. She is currently in the country of Georgia, and her latest Instagram post details what she thinks of the country and her recent experiences. Follow Steph to keep up to date with the Italian nomad as she continues her adventures in the face of Covid, living her life in glamour and living it green.

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