Best 3 Countries to Live in: A Recommendation for 2023

Best 3 Countries to Live in: A Recommendation for 2023

Trying to live in another country is never a bad idea. It gets you out of your comfort zone and helps you see the real values in your life. The world is vast, but we understand if you want to not only change the scenery every once in a while but improve the quality of living as well.

Boy, do we have a list for you!

P.S.: Read till the end for a pro tip on house-hunting.

TOP-3 Best Countries to Live in

Every year, U.S.News’ shares the results of research done by BAV Group and the University of Pennsylvania on the topic of the best countries in the world.

In 2022, the countries with the best quality of life are considered to be:

  1. Sweden – #5 in overall rankings, Sweden wins the living quality game due to its high levels of personal safety and attention to environmental problems.
  2. Denmark – #10 in overall rankings, Denmark enters the TOP-3 as a country with some of the best healthcare services and adequate living costs.
  3. Canada – a matching #3 in overall rankings, Canada is appealing due to its comfort of living, multi-nationality, and breathtaking nature in balance with huge cities like Toronto.

Will the data change in 2023? Probably, but up till now, this is the freshest list to include in your scenery-changing ambitions for the upcoming year.

The Next Best Thing

If you’re looking for an English-speaking country where you can see everything (well, almost), the 4th spot can become of interest. It’s the good-old United States of America. We couldn’t leave it behind as the country takes its place in the TOP-5 proudly with 47.9 million foreign-born residents and immigrants.

That’s a 2.9 million increase since President Biden took office, and we guess there are reasons why people want to move to the country of dreams.

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To Sum Up

Sweden is officially the best country to live in as to the 2022 data, followed by Denmark and Canada. The quality of living there is definitely astounding, but if you need more English-speaking options, the US is in place #4.

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