Bar Hopping on Sixth Street in Austin, TX

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Austin, Texas is known for much more than just Longhorn pride. College students enjoy the nightlife on the city’s most recognizable and populated street. The vibes of each bar are all so different, so there’s something for everyone. Here’s a few of the best bars on Sixth Street to visit once you’re fully vaccinated.


Shakespeare’s Pub caters to the live music scene, which is insanely prevalent in the city. Their rooftop deck braves the Texas heat to give patrons a view of the historic Sixth Street. 


Recess Arcade Bar is the ultimate adult playground. Just steps from the bar are gaming machines reminiscent of children’s birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese. Their arcade games include Mario Kart racing, Mortal Kombat, Pacman, Knockout Punching, and many more. 


Thirsty Nickel is a favorite location for bar tabs in college. It combines rock and roll with craft cocktails for a no-frills night on the town

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The Aquarium has a two-story slide and gorgeous alcoholic fish bowls. Two floors of music, dancing, and drinks sets the bar apart as a must-see place on Sixth. Their fish bowl drinks vary by size. According to their website, the $20 snapper serves 2+, the $45 Marlin serves 3+, and the $95 Great White serves 4+ drinkers. The tropical-themed drinks that you can choose to fill them with are some of the most Instagrammable drinks you’ll find on Sixth. 

If you’re a local or a college student in Austin, then you’ve probably heard about someone stumbling into one of these places and having the time of their lives. 


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Bar Hopping on Sixth Street in Austin, TX