A Winning Trend: Tampa And LA Take Over The Sports World

A Winning Trend: Tampa And LA Take Over The Sports World

The Tampa Bay Lightning and the LA Lakers took over the hockey and basketball world. Now, in the World Series it’s the Tampa Bay Rays vs. the LA Dodgers. Who will take home the trophy

Credit: Tampa Bay Lightning Twitter

In 2018, the Washington Capitals won their first ever Stanley Cup. It was the start of a party of a lifetime: they had their parade, the whole team swam in a fountain, and they went to the Nationals game where Alexander Ovechkin threw a godawful pitch (he should stick to slap shots). However, in a sports fans mind, (and all fans are superstitious in their own way), Ovechkin kind of blessed that baseball when he threw that pitch. What do you know? In 2019, The Washington Nationals won their first ever World Series.

A few weeks ago, the Tampa Bay Lightning won the long awaited Stanley Cup. Their win is historic for many reasons, the main being that they achieved that without any fans in the stands. This year, the Stanley Cup playoffs were a lot harder physically and mentally. It was different, to say the least, yet in the end, a win is still a win. The last time they won a Stanley Cup was way back in 2004.

A week ago the LA Lakers won their 17th NBA Championship after a 10-year drought. Basketball suffered a lot this year, having lost one of its legends- Kobe Bryant. It came as a huge shock and the grief was immense. The Lakers sought out to fulfill Kobe’s dream and their own- finally winning the Championship. When the last seconds of the clock finally stopped at zero, the sense of relief and happiness was intense. They finally did it.

It is ironic how fate works in such a peculiar way. Out of all the teams, the Tampa Bay Rays and the LA Dodgers are up against each other at the World Series. The Lightning and the Lakers are cheering their respective teams on, both teams wanting to see the World Series trophy in their own state. Right now the Dodgers are up 1-0. Let’s see where this roller coaster ride will take us!

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