The NBA And Its Top Three Fashion Influencers

The NBA And Its Top Three Fashion Influencers

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The National Basketball Association has been and will continue growing among communities across the world. People are looking to be entertained by their favortie players and/or teams every year. Fashion in the NBA has become a unique and popular way in which players can express themselves off the court. Yet, over the past decade there have been three players who stand out among the rest.

LeBron Raymond James comes in at number three on the list. However, among the top three, LeBron has been in the NBA the longest. Over the years his style has changed plenty of times depending on timeliness and special occasions. The ability to make reads and distinguish what the defense is trying to do ties into LeBron’s persona when dressing. His ability to read the room while still standing out during every event during his nineteenth season is truly remarkable. LeBron has recently been known for wearing the short suit, introduced by fashion designer Thom Browne during the 2017-2018 NBA Final Game 1 at Oracle Arena. LeBron is truly a fashion and NBA legend who is aging like fine wine.

Next, James Edward Harden Jr. also known as “the beard,” comes in second on the fashion list due to his bold fashion statements on the biggest stages. James has joined the board on an important brand in e-commerce called Saks, which he revealed via Instagram on his profile on June 14, 2021. His most recent fashion statement, other than his beard, appeared in a commercial combining Adidas and The Drew League, which are both sponsors of his own. James’ brands love his persona and ability to attracted attention on and off the court. He is effortlessly one of the most fashionable players ever.

Finally, arguably the most popular fashionable player to ever play in the NBA is Russell Westbrook III. Russell plays point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers in his fourteenth season in the NBA. Westbrook’s style is a massive part of his identity in the NBA. His fashion is similiar to his nickname as “triple double king” becasue he is so versatile on his outfit selection. Russell said “I shop all the time, basically every day, whether it’s online or in every city we go to.” He is truly a character of his own.

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These players are fun to watch on and off the court. If you think someone else should be on this list, feel free to leave a comment.

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