Sneaker Game in the NBA

Sneaker Game in the NBA

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The sneaker game in the NBA has been captured by the new Kobe sneakers. However, Kobe Bryant’s widow, Vanessa Bryant, decided not to renew her contract with Nike this past season, so not as many shoes were produced. Many players had difficulty getting their hands on these sneakers. Consequently, players resorted to other brands or going online to people who were reselling the Kobe sneakers. Nike seems to dominate the sneaker game in the NBA, while Adidas is the follow-up choice.

Top 5 Sneakers Worn in the NBA

  1. Kobe 5 Protro- These have a rather snug fit and are true to size. The pattern on the soles allows for more tread, while the forefoot cushion allows for great resilience, so one can spring into action.

2. Kobe 6 Protro -These sneakers are also known as “The Grinch”, for their vibrant green color. The heel has a soft and responsive foam. Additionally, there is more surface area for the sole pattern for players to pick up more traction.

3. Nike PG 5- L.A. Clippers small forward, Paul George, offers a highly cushioned sneaker for players. It’s low to the ground, a nice fit and not restricting, allowing players to be quick and responsive.

4. Nike KD 14- A comfortable sneaker once it’s broken into, the KD 14’s are sturdy shoes. It offers extra padding to protect the foot and help one play longer.

5. Air Jordan 36- This sneaker has a dependable grip on many types of floors. Additionally, it has a nice springy cushion and is light in weight from the leno-weave pattern technique. Despite the lightness, it still has great impact protection.

Non-Nike Sneakers Worn

Nike dominates the NBA when it comes to sneakers. So much so, only 3 non-Nike shoes were popular amongst players this past season.

  1. Air Jordan 36- Presented by the retired 6-time NBA champion, Michael Jordan, these sneakers are flexible and lightweight. Its special weaving design allows for more breathability, while also providing excellent grip on different types of floors.

2. Adidas Dame 7- Point guard for the Portland Trail Balzers, Damian Lillard, provides a well ventilated shoe with great stability. Although, some have said the ankle support is not all that great, they get high marks for performance.

3. Adidas Exhibit A- These shoes are lightweight, have great traction and a comfortable cushion. They great price for the amount of support you get.

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