Womenswear Trends for Summer 2022

Womenswear Trends for Summer 2022

Image via Glamour Magazine

The summer sun is finally here, meaning it’s time to show off new and stylish fashion trends for 2022. This season is bursting full of bright, slick, and gorgeous outfits to beat the heat.

Accessories have been used in the fashion industry for flare to remind people of the beauty in dressing fabulous. Brands are quick to design outfits for all different women, no matter shape or size, for their wardrobe. Depending on the occasion, hoop earrings have developed as an accessory to steal the show during outings. The heat has affected many outfits to favortize different styles: striped tee with a tiered midi-skirt.

There was a T-shirt made by King Phade that raised over $85,000 for victims of the 2022 Bronx apartment fire. He reportly had a collaberationwith Scope of Work and Lacoste. King Phade is usually styling with jewelry as well.

Trends have commonly followed in light vibrant fabrics to POP out during the summer. Subdued flashes of skin around the stomach area has become popular with big hats to keep cool.

Different from the norm, tracksuits have made there appearance for women. Tag along polo shirts and biker shorts to add a bold but subtle statement. Light colors mainly retract heat as well helping your natural glow shine.

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