MLB American League All-Star Team Wins 3-2

MLB American League All-Star Team Wins 3-2

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Players from a variety of teams gathered in the Dodgers stadium Tuesday, July 19, for the 2022 MLB All-Star Game. The players were split into two teams: the American League All-Star Team, AL, and the National League All-Star Team, NL. This is the first time the classic midsummer event took place at the Dodgers home stadium since 1980, and the third time overall. The starting lineup was voted in by fans prior to the game. 

Before the game started, special guest Denzel Washington walked to home plate and gave a special tribute to 7-time MLB All-Star Jackie Robinson. Washington talked about his successes on and off the field and the impact he had. Then, Dodgers right fielder Mookie Betts and the crowd screamed “Happy Birthday Rachel” to celebrate Rachel Robinson’s 100th birthday. 

The first inning started with a bang as Angels Pitcher Shohei Ohtani hit the first pitch by Dodger pitcher Clayton Kershaw into center field. Before the game Ohtani told sportswriter Tom Verducci he would hit the first pitch of the game and he did just that. Then first time All-Star Kershaw turned things around by getting two outs. He faked out Ohtani at first base for the first out of the game then struck out Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge at home plate. The National League ended the top of the first with a groundout hit by Blue Jays first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr., leaving Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers on first base. 

In the second half of the first inning Braves right fielder Ronald Acuña Jr. hit the second pitch down the line to left field to got a double for NL. Betts continued the momentum by hitting to center field to bring Acuña home for the National League’s first run of the game. White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson and Guardians’ second baseman Andres Gimenez made an amazing double play to hold back the National League with their first two outs of the game. Before the first inning was over Cardinals first baseman Paul Goldschmidt extended NL to a 2-0 lead. 

The first half of the second inning was over just as fast as it began. NL Pitcher Sandy Alcántara  struck out three consecutive AL batters to go into the bottom of the second inning. In the second half of the inning AL pitcher Alek Manoah prevented NL from getting any more runs. However, the real treat of the inning was listening to the sports commentators talking to mic’d up Manoah as he pitched the inning. It was interesting to watch for viewers and to hear the announcers conversing with Manoah live. They were having fun with him by occasionally telling him which sliders to pitch and letting him know how he is doing. During his time on the mound Manoah said people say he is not good at pitching to left handed batters, but his first consecutive strikeouts of the inning were by left handed hitters.

During the third inning a stare down occurred between the two teams where neither team managed a run. However, the fourth inning was the turning point of the game. Yankees left fielder Giancarlo Stanton put AL on the scoreboard and tied the game for the first time with a two-run homerun. Twins center fielder Byron Buxton followed with his own run to put the American League over the edge with  a 3-2 lead for the first time. The AL team managed to hold the National team at a 3-2 lead to end the fourth inning. 

The teams continued to go back and forth for another five innings, but neither team managed another run. The All-Star game finished with AL on top in a 3-2 lead. This is the 9th straight win for the American League All-Star Team. 

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