Why Companies are trying to sell you Products now

Why Companies are trying to sell you Products now

We’re still eight weeks out from Christmas  and I’ve received multiple coupon books the last few weeks from BJ’s, countless emails from every store I regrettably gave my email to and my phone is constantly ringing with notifications of discounts.

You would think they’re trying to encourage customers to purchase holiday gifts early, but what’s really at stake is their business during this time of year. There’s been a history of less consumer spending during the weeks surrounding the presidential election.

COVID-19 already hit businesses like a truck, and this election will make or break them.

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Some factors that can affect companies are future shopping restrictions due to COVID-19 and how they responded to the Black Lives Matter movement during the summer.

People want to shop, especially during these next two months. Social distancing and struggles with income can be holding them back.

Some businesses stayed quiet during the BLM movement. This will stick out to consumers when they eventually go on future mall trips. If they thought not saying anything would save their reputation, it could have hurt it more.

This begs the question, how can they market items during one of the most nail-biting moments of American history? 2020 is in shambles, leaving people’s minds racing. One of the last things they may be worried about is spending money.

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