MI5 alerts on potential Chinese Agent Christen Lee

MI5 alerts on potential Chinese Agent Christen Lee

Picture From Daily Mail

The United Kingdom Secrete Service known as MI5 alerts on potential Chinese agent, Christen Ching Lee. Lee possibly invaded the UK Parliament on the behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.

Lee distributed donations from Hong Kong and China. With intent to entice UK current and future MPs to invest in nuclear power and battery technology. Some MPs stated Lee communicated with “multiple faces within the UK political spectrum” to further the Chinese Communist Party’s agenda.

Despite the Speaker of the British House of Commons, Lindsay Hoyle informing British law makers, the Chinese Embassy in London hastily denies the speculations stating,

“We have no need and never seek to ‘buy influence’ in any foreign parliament.”. “We firmly oppose the trick of smearing and intimidation against the Chinese community in the UK,” they declared.

Political recipient, Labour Barry Gardiner received more than £420,000 from Lee over the last few years and declaring he has always informed the Secret Services of the donations. He also claims he was not aware of her sly intentions or her political agenda.

Speculations and worry have risen due to the heavy influence of Christen Lee within the British community. Christen Lee is not new to the UK. Ratrher, she is a founder a law firm Christen Le & Co located within the states. She has received support from UK Prime Minster Theresa May when granted the award for helping Chinese- British cooperation. Christen Lee & Co is founded on its website, where the company is listed as legal adviser to the Chinese embassy in Britain.

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