2024 Trump Seeks To Make Himself Great Again

2024 Trump Seeks To Make Himself Great Again

Image from CNN News

Former President Donald Trump has the urgency to resume his presidency and land himself into the White House for the second time. 

The Make America Great Again advocate was greeted by thousands of supporters on Saturday in Arizona. Despite the quarrels that occurred during his term, plenty waited hours to see and hear him in action once again.

““I ran twice and we won twice,” Trump told his fans. “This crowd is a massive symbol of what took place, because people are hungry for the truth. They want their country back.”

Trump remains unmoved and unscathed by his defeat in the 2021 campaign. Since his term there has been a lot of concerning what he represents in American, following his questionable morals and values. His words were lies, but since he lost Arizona by only 10,000 votes in 2021 election they seemed more like truth.

Trump has not made a public appearance since July. Holding the rally in Arizona can be assumed as strategic to elaborate his creditably in the purple state.

The purpose of the rally was a address the anniversary of the Capitol being terrorized on January 6. 

If Trump takes the stands once again, it  may cost him since his 2016 allies have not committed to his 2024 return. Prime example is Laura Ingraham, Fox News Reporter 

“I’m not saying I’m there for him yet,” Ingraham stated to Northen Virginia magazine when asked about Trumps attempts to return to the political spectrum. “But I think whether he runs or not- I mean, his policies worked. Trump’s blueprint for policy- a forward-looking, optimistic set of pro-America polices- that blueprint, without a doubt, is winning.” 

Ingraham actions are limiting, but the views remain faithful. 

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