Upland students receive racist drawings

Upland students receive racist drawings

Upland students receive handmade drawings with racist remarks for Black History Month, a gesture that is contrary to the monthly recognition. The incident occurred at Pepper Tree Elementary School in the Upland Unified School District, leaving parents outraged.

The purpose of Black History Month failed this week despite the school’s supposed efforts to seperate from their troubled past. Last year in the same month, a teacher received indefinite suspension after making Anti-Asian comments during Lunar Year celebration. Fastforward this year and the school’s zero-tolerance policy has yet to solve issues involving race.

The Racist Propaganda

Examples of racist drawings and remarks show “You’re my favorite monkey”, while another one reads “To my favorite cotton picker.” Remarks of other students recalled by student Malayna Douglas says they were going to show her a slave hanging from a tree. Another group of girls claimed they would give Malayna back rubs and massages because it’s Black History Month. Students even joked about celebrating Douglas half the month because she is mixed.

A school board meeting held early this week to demand action since the incident; however, no disciplinary action has been announced.

The mother of Douglas has pulled her from the school. She also expresses how the Upland Unified School District has done little action following the harassment.

The school’s PTA president, Robin Allen, hopes that the school district does not ‘brush this under the rug’. The parents and community coming together is the most important response to the situation.

Disciplinary Actions

Upland School district officials provided a statement that reads:

“An investigation took place immediately upon learning about these disgusting, racist drawings students gave to another child in their class…. The content in those cards is shocking and abhorrent. We deeply regret that our student has had to endure the hurt that race based bullying causes.”

As for the punishment for the students, the district said they will not disclose that information.

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