Coach Randy Living in his Truth & Helping Others

Coach Randy Living in his Truth & Helping Others

Randy G. Howell Jr., aka Coach Randy, illustrious as the “Truth Coach,” is set on a mission to operate an authentic life. Eight years into his voyage, Coach Randy continues to acquire experience. Assisting those who find themselves frozen on former disappointments. Thence, they can untether and discover their bona fide narratives.

Reputable notoriety and first-hand experience

Throughout Coach Randy’s mentoring journey, he has run into praise from people like DJ Mama Kim (from Love & Hip Hop NYC) and Antoine Von Boozier (television personality); Along with acknowledgment from several media outlets of the names: Hustle & Soul Magazine, LWL Magazine, We Empower Magazine, Vip Section T, and Hiltonian- Are a few from the list of many news distribution channels who have revered his work.

“Don’t find comfort in the LIES, instead seek FREEDOM in the TRUTH”

Randy G. Howell Jr., Truth Coach

Having been stuck in a dark place before, Coach Randy understands the hardships of being vulnerable and having a giant amount of emotional distress. He is a testament to what he preaches as well as beliefs. From there on out, he helps others find peace to heal.


The multi-faceted entrepreneur, Coach Randy, uses his distinctive proven approach:

A key difference from Coach Randy to the other truth coaches that are out there, is his unique view on his career. For Coach Randy, truth coaching is not just another apealling job from the bunch, but more so his life PURPOSE to help humans become a better version of themselves.


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