North Texas Runs Out Of ICU Beds

North Texas COVID Surges

North Texas Runs Out Of ICU Beds

No pediatric intensive care unit beds are available amid another Covid surge in North Texas.

NBC Dallas-Forth Worth reported that there are no more pediatric ICU beds in trauma service area E.

This also includes hospitals in 19 counties in North Texas.

On Thursday, August 12,2021, there were 73 confirmed pediatric Covid-19 patients hospitalized.

This has become the highest amount ever seen treated in the area.

Why Have North Texas Run Out Of Hospital Beds ?

Stephen Love, the president and CEO of the council said it best,  We’re in a very critical situation. And we’ve got to monitor

this and be after it, especially over the next couple of weeks. If you’re not vaccinated, you’re playing Russian roulette.

Please get vaccinated. Just about all of the patients in our hospitals are unvaccinated.”

The hospitals that serve North Texas are also treating nearly 2,700 adult Covid patients.

Meanwhile, in Middle Tennessee, Sumner Regional Medical Center’s Chief Medical Officer Geoff Lifferth took to Facebook

Thursday to share a similarly grim update.

“No beds. There are no beds,” he wrote. “In Middle Tennessee right now it is impossible to find an empty, staffed ICU, ER, or

med/surg bed. As an ER doc and a healthcare administrator, this past week has been one of the most exhausting and

disheartening of my career.”

Not Today, There Are No Beds

Moreover, he continued, “The delta variant has burned through us with a ferocity that’s hard to describe.”

Because of the variant, Lifferth said Covid hospitalizations ballooned from 200 patients to 2,000 in six weeks.

“A 1000% increase. In 6 weeks,” Lifferth said. “It has overwhelmed tired doctors, nurses and healthcare systems that were

already stretched thin.”

Still, he urged people to get vaccinated.

“Get one,” Lifferth said. “There’s been a lot of talk about personal freedoms, and mandates, and government overreach, and

such. And, someday when the sun is shining again, we can sit down and have some interesting conversations about all that.

I might even agree with you on some of those points. But I can’t do that today. Not today. Because there are no beds.”




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