Interview with Fashion Designer Tony Vincente

Interview with Fashion Designer Tony Vincente

Tony Vincente is a fashion designer, business owner who created Rossario George. Rossario George is a sustainable brand that includes both ready-to-wear and couture designs for women who value quality while looking to pay a reasonable price. He told us his story.

Photography: Irina Ruhaya
Creative Direction and Model (Male): Tony Vincente
Model and Makeup: Yulianna Baliasnikova

Does growing up in Manhattan influence your fashion?

Absolutely! My very first trip to the Versace Boutique instilled a never-ending passion to be in the fashion industry when I was a little boy. Back then I wanted to be a model. Now I get to design and create my own brand and legacy. My hope is another young boy or girl is inspired by my designs enough to live their dream of being in this great industry.

What drew you to build your brand?

 I have Shop Vida to thank for that. Prior to Rossario George I had another company Vincentelife where I sold my paintings and created home décor from them. It caught the attention of Shop Vida who asked if I wanted to be a designer for them. When I did and the product was a hit, it made me realize that I am ready to try to do this on my own.  Since then, the Rossario George lifestyle brand has been seen in publications around the world, featured on Television and become synonymous with affordable luxury. Yes, Virginia there is such a thing. Check out our website to see what that is!

What are your favorite items in your latest collection?

 The entire collection is my favorite. Our latest collection overall is a love letter to my Rock and Roll. I love classic rock and this collection drips with my affection for it. Did you know I launched 3 very different collections in 2022? I did a flaming hot ready-to-wear women’s line, the Rock couture line, and a rhinestone couture line. As much as I loved it, going forward Rossario George will be doing “Dual Collections”. It will be the thing that sets us apart from other brands. Wait until you see what’s coming in 2024. You are NOT ready!

Where do you look for creative inspiration?

 Music, family, and environment. All these things give me reason to be and to create.

How do you balance your time between a designer and a business owner?

Child, I don’t know! All kidding aside, it takes a village. I have the best team a brand leader can have, and it keeps growing.  Knowing I have people to help me stay on the course allows me to be creative without worry.

How do you practice sustainability in your brand?

 Sustainability as it pertains to our brand is something we take seriously. We use only products that leave little impact on the planet and do not endanger workers in any way. We work with manufacturers who share our vision and lastly only order very limited quantities of items. We believe less is more and when it comes to the planet, the less stress we put on it the better it will be for all of us.

What messages does your brand deliver to customers?

That quality can be affordable, and that fashion should not define your identity but enhance it. That’s why we are more than a fashion brand, Rossario George is a lifestyle brand that celebrates beauty, love and life/ I think that’s why so many around the world gravitate towards us,  Rossario George provides the tools to be who you want and how you want to live without breaking the bank.

The featured image

Photography: Kyle Yunker

Creative Direction: Chele Sellman

Model (Male): Tony Vincente
Model (Female) and Makeup: Yulianna Baliasnikova
Hair: Maison BlancMakeup: Yulianna Baliasnikova

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