How to Enjoy a Day of Fun, Exploration, and Wellness in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA. Courtesy of Visit The USA.

How to Enjoy a Day of Fun, Exploration, and Wellness in Philadelphia

Photo by Visit The USA.

As a well known city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is home to major historical sites, cheesesteaks, and so much more! It’s also the largest city in Pennsylvania and is recognized for the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and other sites that are rich in American history. While there are too many amazing places to name, let’s guide you through some “must-go’s,” enough to enjoy a weekend stay!


Center City

When you enter Center City, you’re in the heart of art and true Philadelphia culture. Take the time to stroll around this area on a sunny day, take in the sun, and all of the mosaic pieces the location has to offer. Here, you can also find the Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens in case you’d like a serious photo op for the ‘gram. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is a well known non-profit organization of folk art environment. The art in Center City goes beyond the garden of course, and it graces multiple walls and buildings along South Street. The Magic Gardens spans several lots including in and outdoor galleries.


Lumière Candle Studio


Photo credit: Lumiere Candle Studio website

It’ll only make scents for you to stop here. This next stop, Lumière Candle Studio is super refreshing! They have an array of candle scents to choose from. The candle jars can be seen in a rainbow of colors at the front of the store. It’s about a 5 minute walk from the Philadelphia Magic Gardens, or less if you have fast feet! While you can shop for so many different candles, you can always come in and blend your own fragrance from scratch! The studio allows shoppers to create unique scents from over 100 fragrances. If you’re a candle lover who loves customization, this might be the highlight of your trip!


South Street

Having the opportunity to navigate around South Street can be very freeing! Be sure to make a stop at Ishkabibble’s I or Ishkabibble’s II for some authentic Philly Cheesesteaks! Not to mention, for the frozen drink lovers, there’s a Fat Tuesday in the area as well. If you decide to make a stop at Fat Tuesday, do not hesitate to try their electric lemonade! Also, along South Street, there is a ton of art that embodies black culture as well, so if you’re seeking knowledge in the midst of the beauty, be sure to pay attention to the murals!


Arctic Scoop

Photo credit: @Tiffanymulan on Instagram

Arctic Scoop is an extremely unique and well decorated ice cream spot located on East Passyunk Avenue. They have multiple flavors to choose from including lychee rose, Taro, and Pandan which tastes a lot like Fruity Pebbles! You have the option of choosing bubble waffles, regular cones, cups, and even coconuts. Also, toppings are endless, so go crazy!


Penn’s Landing


Plenty of things will be happening at Penn’s Landing, as it is a sight to see! There’s a rollerskating rink, and depending on the time of year, a fair. If you’re here during the summer or early fall, you can definitely get a ride on the ferry and enjoy the beautiful views of the water while taking in some fresh air. While sailing, be still. Be at peace and remain in the moment.

There’s so much that the city of Philly has to offer. With wellness comes comfort and new experiences, so remember to be open when trying new things in order to be fulphilled.

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